AI Chat for your finances

Your financial AI assistant integrates with your business tools, centralizes your data, and stays current with the latest regulations. Ask questions, generate scenarios, and build AI agents to assist you and your team.

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Integrate - Do not migrate

Dooer supports 2000+ integrations

Intuit Quickbooks
Google Drive

Financial OS

One AI to rule them all

Bring in any data source:
Easily connect to any data source you need and make the AI truly yours
Generate reports in seconds:
Connect your AI to any services and generate custom reports as soon as you need them.
Ask what-ifs:
Let the AI create scenarios and model financial outcomes for you.
Collaborate with your team:
Invite team members and chat together and prompt together.
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Expand your AI with your favorite tools

Connect and interact will all your financial services right from the chat window.

Use All Your Financial Tools in One Chat:
Connect your all your financial services to our chat and easly interact with all your services from one place.
Use chat commands to perform tasks:
Skip the repetative work, ask and give your AI tasks and it will perform actions within your connected apps in seconds.
Instantly access any data:
Use your AI to access data of any connected service in seconds without switching between applications. Just ask for what you need.
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Boost your productivity.

Transform boring tasks into automated processes with AI, ready to answer questions and assist with analyses at any time.

Dooer Financial OS is currently in closed beta.

AI Agents

Ready out of the box AI agents for any business function

Use a veraity of AI agents to better serve your customers and coworkers. An AI agent can answer questions, resolve issues, and nurture leads. That way, your team is free to do the work that matters most.

AI agent for every department
Select from a wide range of AI agents designed and trained for all businesses functions. Ensure you have expert support avalible to you at any time.
AI agent teams
Use multiple AI agents in the same time, create an AI team to automate processes and resolve issues, from beginning to end.
Connect to any datasource
Make sure your AI teams have all the info they need, easily connect them to any data source of financial service you use.
Build your own
Start with our prebuilt Agents as templates and customize them to fit your specific business needs, or build new ones from scratch.


Transform your AI into your central knowledge hub

Empower your AI with all of your data, playbooks, mission statemetns and more, let it guide your team, review documents and anwser any question.

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Get answers quicker by using a libery of pre-built prompts

Financial Prompts
Use financial prompts to quickly access market analyses, financial reports, budget forecasts, and more, simplifying complex financial decision-making.
Legal Prompts
Legal prompts provide instant access to compliance checklists, contract templates, and regulatory updates, helping you navigate the legal landscape with confidence.
Business Management Prompts
Business management prompts allow you to efficiently manage projects, optimize workflows, and access performance metrics, keeping your operations smooth and aligned with your goals.
Custom Prompts
Build your own custom prompts with ease, personalize to fit your business needs and share the with your team.