Get at instant overview for all your transactions

Bring in all your bank data, catagorize automaticly and use our AI to find anwsers to any question about your finances.

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Integrate - Do not migrate

Dooer supports 2000+ integrations

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Support for more than 2,000+ banks and credit card providers

Financial Overview

All your banks in one place

Connect to all of your banks and bring in all your transactions into one place.

Connect to multiple banks at any time
Unlimited bank accounts:
Connects to as many bank accounts as you want
Save all your transaction data forever:
Never worry if you will lose transaction history, with Dooer Bank-Feeds all transactions you bring in are saved forever.
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Generate reports and analysis with AI in seconds

Dont wait on finding anwsers to your questions, utalize Dooer AI with your bank data to ask what-ifs, model scenarios, generate reports and perform analysis.

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Boost your productivity.

Transform boring tasks into automated processes with AI, ready to answer questions and assist with analyses at any time.

Dooer Financial OS is currently in closed beta.


Put Catagorization on autopilot

Create custom catagories or let the AI handle everything for you. Automaticlly catagorize all transactions as they come in and get a clearer picture of your finances.

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Team Collaboration

Manage financial data with your team

Share bank accounts and trasactions, communicate with your team and work together with ease all from one place.

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Keep your data safe and secure

Your data is encrypted and secure. Every member of the team has their own permissions. Sharing and access work exactly as they do in your favorite apps today.

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