Bookkeeping made easy.

Automate your bookkeeping with Dooer and book securely with a few simple clicks. Designed for you as an entrepreneur. Powerful, simple and free forever.

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Support for more than 2,000+ banks and credit card providers


Software with you in focus

You do not need to be an economist to manage your accounting, Dooer is therefore completely adapted and developed for you as an entrepreneur. With everything to make your everyday life easier.

Smart integrations:
Integrate all data across platforms, offering you a centralized, intelligent command center for all financial operations.
Ask and Analyze:
Query your AI on financial performance, market trends, or budget forecasts, and get detailed analyses as natural as having a conversation.
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Everything you need in one program.

Through our smart integrations to the Swedish Tax Agency and bank, your transactions are synced directly to the accounting and you report to the Tax Agency in a few clicks, directly in Dooer.

Track your credit score:
Easly track your own credit score, get notified of any changes instantly.
Generate reports
Query and generate reports with ease, always know where you stand in an instant.
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Smart guides help you

With clear guides and a smart to-do list, we've made the complicated simple. You will constantly find out what you need to do now and important dates coming up.

Bookkeeping advise:
Query your AI chat for questions about bookkeeping, and get detailed to-dos, guides and explanations.
Guides and prompts:
Check a huge library of prebuilt guides and prompts you can use to quickly find anything you need regarding bookkeeping and security.
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Free forever

We at Dooer love entrepreneurship and we are more than happy to be part of your journey. Starting and running your own business should be fun, which is why we are now simplifying and automating the tedious administration. Then you can focus on your business without unnecessary obstacles.

You dont have to be an economist to manage your bookkeeping. Our software is therefore completely adapted to you as an entrepreneur, with functions that you understand. You also get access to functions that many other players charge for completely free with Dooer.But how can it be free you might ask. Whats the catch? Its simple, theres no catch. We want to see change in the accounting industry and we want you to have the opportunity to be a part of it.


Smart features you'll love

A complete accounting program customized for you.

Integration with the Tax Agency and bank
Clear processes to follow
Smart To-Do List
Declaration with one click
Take photos of documents with the mobile app
Import and export accounting
All the reports you need
Unlimited number of users
Verification with BankID
Automatic registration of payments
Track you own credit score.
Generate reports and scenarios
Easly get advise on bookkeeping and other financial services
Download and run locally on any device
Much, much more

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